The sun god of Greece!

The sun god of the Mediterranean calls us to seize the new day!

Good morning Greece!

An olive “sea” awaits to be travelled again today!

Have a nice working day! Have a good olive oil collection!

Let’s go…..

We start the proper olive fruit collection having as our main concern the quality rather than the quantity.

We collect early

The harvest season begins for us usually in early October when the olive fruit is still green and the collection lasts for a very specific time frame, being a result of calculations. This way we achieve consistently high quality on polyphenols (natural antioxidants) and a strong aroma profile for our olive oil.

And the fruit gets “hurt”…

We lay special soft porous moisture escape fabrics, in double layer, on spotless soil to protect the olive fruit from being wounded by the fall.

Traditionally and with respect to the valuable tree

We collect the olives by hand from dawn until dusk avoiding hurting the fruit while placing it on the laid fabrics. Simultaneously we prune the “difficult” higher branches giving some “breath”, light, rest and strength to the tree for the next harvest season.

Having tree's sustainability as our vision and knowledge as our ally

We crush the cut branches and leave them on the ground to be incorporated with the soil, as they are a great source of valuable natural nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, components necessary for the tree’s continuity of living.

Thus the need for further addition of nutrients is minimal!

With our hands…

We transfer the olives with our hands, from the specially laid fabrics into special ventilated plastic crates (not in sacks), so we avoid hurting the fruit due to friction during transportation. Moreover, placing them into crates we avoid the creation of the destructive for the fruit dampness, as well as high temperature development which causes the creation of enzymes and fruit rot.

Good bye, see you tomorrow…

The dusk approaches. We greet the day and our co-workers friends at the olive grove…

And now at the olive press…

We extract the olive oil the same day starting in the afternoon, at our associates’ contemporary olive press, under exceptional circumstances and procedures that contribute to a unique end product.

From the fruit to olive paste! We want only the best!

We wash the olive fruit well with abundant amount of fresh water. We select the correct type of crusher for each olive variety and for the specific season we collected it. The kneading of the paste lasts maximum 38 minutes in the kneader, in order to maintain the aromas and the polyphenols in very high levels. We maintain the temperature of our olive paste at 27oC during the whole process and ensure a minimal addition of water if required, in order for our olive oil to maintain its precious elements.

From the olive paste to the invaluable green gold!

We use a large modern centrifugal separator able to receive at the right time the paste from the mixers, without any delays. Complete deduction of water and moisture is being performed, and then the valuable green gold appears from our state-of-the-art separators. Fresh green gold flows at 26oC, rich in nutrients, just before filtration and storage.

The green gold rests…

It is stored in stainless steel reservoirs with nitrogen at a temperature of 15-18ο C.

Endless effort with love!

Daily sampling for macroscopic-organoleptic and chemical analysis is performed as well as tasting with our associates friends.

The pleasure of creation!

Late at night tasting the ‘’kapsales’’, traditional baked bread, grilled in the fireplace served with our fresh olive oil and sprinkled with oregano accompanied with fried pork (tigania) cooked in olive oil and lemon flavored with fresh oregano. We entertain ourselves after an exhausting day with a glass of Greek wine, enjoying life with the greek way of living and creating stronger bonds among us.

We standardize tonight…

We standardize our olive oil directly on demand, as of tonight and for the next few months, at the contemporary bottling facilities, that feature only stainless steel standardization devices and sophisticated electronic systems of control.

This is our olive oil!

We bottle our precious olive oil in tasteful top quality containers, equivalent to our olive oil’s value. Now that we feel that our olive oil is properly placed, our target will be to drive you to a unique gastronomic journey…

Our next day target…

Our next day target is for all of us to be healthy and happy, ourselves and our trees, so as to continue steadily producing top-quality olive oil, utilizing the maximum potential of all our olive varieties, our special scientific knowledge and technical skills of our associate friends.

Let’s enjoy the night that arrives…

In the quite autumn Greek night sleepiness arrives from the rustle created by the Mediterranean Sea breeze passing through the leaves of our eternal olive trees.

Good night!